Sunday, December 30, 2007

Foster Home Needed for Seven Days

We are seeking a foster home for a very limited amount of time. Seven days exactly.

A female dog was found in the Marpi area last week. She is in poor physical condition, though her spirits are high!

Her rescuer and foster family is unable to care for her from January 2-7th. However, they would like to resume fostering her on the 7th. Therefore, we are seeking a foster home for seven days. That's it!

We are also looking for this dog's owners, if they are still on island. This dog has no hair on her body, and is emaciated beyond recognition.

However, if you or someone you know lost a female dog with blond hair, please contact Katie at 286-0970. We do not know how much of this dog's hair is blond because she has virtually no hair on her body aside from a very small patch between her shoulder blades.

We believe this dog may have been someone's pet, as she knows a few commands and craves human contact.

For a picture of the dog, please visit our website at and/or our blog at

Please, open your hearts and homes to this dog that truly wants to survive.

Happy New Year.

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