Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is Bruno and he is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He went missing from As Mahetok on December 10, 2007. If you have seen him or know of anyone that may have taken him, please contact Willie at 483-9459 or Louisa at 483-8946. We are willing to pay a reward for his safe return, no questions asked.


PAWS learned that not ONE dog was stolen from this family, but that TWO dogs were stolen.

This is a picture taken of Haley 3 years ago. Please note her markings, as they will have changed only slightly.

In an email received by PAWS, Louisa (the owner) said the following:

"Bruno was in our back yard with another dog that was stolen from us. We do not have an updated pictures of Haley - which is why she is not on the flyer. However, we believe they may be together. She is a white boonie with black spots - beautiful for a boonie dog.

Anyway, my husband kept Bruno in his house that morning - locked him up so that he would not escape. Haley was tied up but had room enough to roam the yard. Nobody is home all day (kids in school, husband and I were at work) so we do not know what time any of this happened. It was when my husband got home from work that he found Bruno's house was unlocked and both dogs were missing. They are both very energetic and affectionate dogs. Bruno has green eyes, while Haley's are black. They were never fed table scraps, so they must be really hungry right now.

We just want our babies back."

In an effort to bring these dogs home safely, we ask that you write to Katie at and ask for a flyer to send out to your friends. The more people we reach, the more likely we are to bring these pets home for the Christmas. What an unfortunate thing to happen right before the holidays. What an unfortunate thing to happen period. We see far too much of this in Saipan and too little effort by the government and community to correct the problem.

Thus, we ask that you write and call the Legislature and urge them to pass the PAWS anti-cruelty bill, the Animal Protection Act of 2007. To date, the government has refused to pass an anti-cruelty bill that applies equally to all Saipan residents, regardless of income. Granted, an anti-cruelty law isn't going to stop animal theft. However, the fines and penalties imposed most certainly will serve as a deterrent to such reckless disregard for another person's property.

**Disclaimer: Any rewards are posted as a courtesy to the owner. PAWS neither confirms the availability of rewards nor makes any assurance regarding their payment.

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