Sunday, February 1, 2009


PAWS is asking for community help in locating a dog that was taken from a very special woman - Paradise Island Animal Hospital's very own Paulina.

Valentine, the much loved pet of PIAH's veterinary assistant, has been taken from her family's backyard at the Soul Hotel. The family is desperately trying to locate the dog and bring the female dog home.

Valentine is a 4 year old female dog, that has been spayed (she cannot have babies), and has blond-light brown short hair.

"This could not have happened to a more caring individual," said PAWS President Katie Busenkell. "Pauline has helped thousands of sick animals on Saipan, all with a smile and gentle, kind touch. This dog means very much to Paulina and her family. Please, if you have information that will bring Valentine back to her family, or if you are willing to help look for Valentine, please contact PIAH."

If you have any information regarding Valentine, or you think you may have seen Valentine, since Sunday, February 1, 2009, please contact Paradise Island Animal Hospital at 234-9669 or you may contact PAWS at 285-PAWS. Anonymous calls are welcome at either number.

The family is willing to give a reward for any information leading to Valentine's safe return.

Monday, December 15, 2008


UPDATE: Apollo has a new home! Thank you Maria, and your family, for fostering Apollo for four (4) months and providing him with a safe place to recover. You did a splendid job caring for him and teaching him that he can trust humans. Thank you!

Looking for a great addition to your family this holiday season? PAWS has a nice, friendly, family oriented male boonie dog that is up for immediate adoption. Here are his details:

Name: Apollo
Age: 1-2 years old
Sex: Male
Color: Brown short-hair
Shots: Annual vaccinations given in 09/08

If you are interested in adopting Apollo, please contact Maria at or 256-0340. You may also called PAWS at 285-PAWS.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

An open letter to animal owners on Saipan

So here I am sitting in the Honolulu airport, getting ready to leave for Saipan. Honolulu was the site of my most recent continuing education seminar. Veterinarians are required to get 15 hours/year of CE (Continuing Education), to stay current on recent medical advances. I was amazed to find that last year I logged 81 hours of CE. This year I managed 35 hours.
This postgraduate education is expensive, but well worth the effort. I made a commitment to myself (and to my patients on Saipan) to relieve pain, suffering and disease. This is not possible without constant reading, instruction, and association with those that know more than I about this continually evolving profession. This is a commitment that I have gladly made and gladly kept.
Many of the diseases that we treat with little concern today used to be untreatable just a few years ago. I am continually learning new approaches, new medications, new surgical procedures that ensure a long, happy, life for my patients.
I love my profession and the part I play in making the world a better place.
God, in his infinite mercy, foresaw the need for a trusted and non-questioning companion to fill the deep void in the human soul. This void cannot be filled by human contact alone. This is why He blessed us with the human-animal bond.
My dogs and cats don't question me in any way, shape or form. They are happy to see me regardless of where I've been or what I've done, and they never question my motives, even when I do something that is unfavorable to them. Their love for me, and my family is 100 percent non-judgmental, and unconditional.
They have accepted my shortcomings, and deficiencies without feeling the need to give any “constructive” criticism. Their love and acceptance has helped me to develop into the kind of person that I have always wanted to become.
They watch the house at night and when I'm gone so that my own kind (humans) don't hurt me or take advantage of my absence to relieve me of my possessions. I sleep soundly thanks to my pets. I sleep soundly when I'm off island and Susan is home alone, thanks to my pets. They are truly a salve to my soul, and continually add to my peace of mind and sense of well being.
In short they give me the 3 A's (Acceptance, Approval, and Appreciation) that all humans want and need to feel complete within themselves.
They demand nothing in return.It seems to me that the least I can do is to give them the care that I should want to give to such a valued companion. If not I am a thief by taking something that is given freely and then refusing to return the favor, even to the point of illness and death. Some people know what I'm talking about, and some, sadly, don't.
It has been my privilege for 30 years to care for the animals of this world. It has been my privilege for the last seven years to care for the animals of the CNMI.
I hope to continue in this role for the next 20 least!
Just thought you'd like to know.
Ed Tudor, DVMvia e-mail

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Six Puppies Up for Adoption

PAWS has six beautiful puppies that are currently up for adoption to a good home. The pups were found abandoned on Thursday and are thought to be about 6-7 weeks of age. All the puppies have been de-wormed, treated for fleas and ticks, and bathed.

If you are interested in adopting one of these pups, please contact PAWS at 285-PAWS.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Been Dumped...will you love me???

Meet Rico, a tiny little bit of a pup, found abandoned near the old Puerto Rico dump. Nearly run over by a car in front of her, a PAWS member stopped to offer the shivering & starving puppy some assistance. Rico appears to be approximately 8 weeks old. She has had a flea dip, wormer and is eating some really good food at her foster home and is feeling a lot better. She is a happy little thing, following everyone around and wagging her tail. She is looking for a loving home, with a family that can provide continued worming/shots. She is shy around bigger dogs, but loves kids. Call or text Rose at 285-0408 for more information.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Brothers and Best Friends - Up for Adoption

PAWS is looking for a good home for two cat brothers that are best friends. Ideally, PAWS would like to place the animals in a responsible and loving home together.

Both cats are male 5 1/2 months old and have been neutered, so no serious cat fights over females, aggressive behavior, or peeing on furniture! Also, both cats have been vaccinated and de-wormed. They get along well with dogs and other animals. They are good outside cats, but are litter trained for those days/nights that they spend inside.

If you are interested in adopting these super friendly cats, please contact Madison at, by cell phone at 789-5050, home number 285-9095, or PAWS at 285-PAWS.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Apollo is a great family dog that is up for adoption to a good responsible home. He has been fostered as an inside dog by a family with two children for almost three months, and according to the family, he has proven to be a great family pet that gets along well with other animals.

Apollo is a male boonie dog, thought to be about two (2) years in age. He has been vaccinated, de-wormed, and treated for mange.

If you are interested in meeting Apollo, please contact Maria at 256-0340.

Four Puppies:

Four beautiful and healthy puppies are up for adoption to good homes. These pups are about 7-8 weeks old, have been de-wormed and treated for fleas. There are three black pups and one white pup, all with loving personalities.

If you are interested in adopting one of these pups, please contact Sonny at 989-9059.


PAWS President Katie Busenkell is fostering what she is calls “The Best Cat.”

Watson, ten month old tabby cat, was found starving to death by Busenkell’s dog, Holmes, about two months ago at Kilili Beach. Through lots of love, food, and numerous visits to the veterinarian, Watson has fully recovered and blossomed into quite a character.

Watson has been de-wormed and vaccinated. He is a very social animal, constantly looking for attention and talking. He gets along well with dogs and cats.

If you are interested in adopting Watson, please contact Katie at 256-0243.

If you are interested in adopting one of the above animals, or have questions about responsible pet ownership, please contact PAWS at 285-PAWS or visit our website at or our blog at

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missing Dog Alert

PAWS is asking for your help in locating two missing pets. We are asking that you forward and/or publish the following information so that we may reach out to a greater number of people and increase the odds of bringing these two pets home to their families.

1. NT (short for "No Tail"):

NT "No Tail" was last seen in San Vicente, by the Stanford Hotel 3 weeks ago. He is a 5 year old Doberman and Rottweiler mix.

He was wearing a studded leather collar and has an injured front paw.

Please call 235-4541 if you have any information. A $200 reward** will be given for information leading to his return.

2. Paddle:

Paddle is a Maltese with white and brown eyes.

The last place he was seen was around the residence in San Jose, Beach Side.

He has been a family dog for many years, and the kids really miss him. A reward** is offered for his return. No questions asked. The family just wants him returned safely.

If you have seen Paddle, or know of his whereabouts, please contact 483-5041 or 234-8489.

If you do not want to be identified, please drop the dog off at the Seman Residence across the street from the Mobile Station in San Jose.

Pictures of these animals, and homeless pets, are available on our website at or If you have information about these the above-mentioned animals, or are interested in adopting a pet, please contact PAWS at 285-PAWS.

**Please note that PAWS is not responsible for any reward offered in association with the return and/or information leading to the return of a lost/stolen pet. All rewards are offered by the owner of the missing animal and are the responsibility of the missing animal's owner.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


PAWS just received the following email and we are requesting IMMEDIATE action by community members. The email was sent out by two teachers that have served this community as leaders in our schools and on the soccer field.

"Dear friends,

Sorry for the generic mass email, but I have some rather sad news and I only want to type it once.

Unfortunately, Luna died last night. Even more upsetting than that is that she didn't die because of her illness; she was shot in the back of the head with a 22. When we came home and found her a little after midnight, her body was still warm and the blood was still fresh. We are certain of who did it - our neighbor was awake and hanging out with a friend on his porch 20 yards from her body, but claimed to know nothing, hear nothing, see nothing. Glenn went and questioned them and their story kept changing. We called the police. They came and wrote a report and said that they would be contacting our neighbor and his friend. I doubt there will be much follow-up and even if there is, I doubt there will be much resolution. Luna was the sweetest dog in the world, and as you all know she was like a child to us.

Thank you for all your help, concern and support. Sadly, someone had other plans for her.

Lindsay and Glenn"

If you find this email as outrageous as we did, please contact the media at:

• Saipan Tribune: Jayvee Vallejera Editor at
• Mariana Variety: Zaldy at
• KSPN: Chris Nelson at and

We would also ask that you contact our leading legislators at:

• Senate President Pete Reyes:
• Senator Maria Frica T. Pangelinan:
• Speaker Arnold Palacios:
• Representative Tina Sablan: and/or

Something must be done about this. This is wrong. This is absolutely wrong.

Make our community a better place by demanding something of our legislature and law enforcement officials.

Monday, September 22, 2008

PAWS Dogs Up for Adoption

Once again, PAWS has some great animals up for adoption. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting or fostering an animal, contact PAWS at 285-PAWS or visit the PAWS website at or

Brother and Sister Combo:
Two puppies are up for adoption – a boy and a girl. The puppies are thought to be about two (2) months old. The rescue family has not administered vaccinations, so they will need to visit one of the island’s veterinarians at Paradise Island Animal Hospital (234-9669) or the Department of Land and Natural Resources (234-6169). These two pups are very friendly and great with children.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one or both of these two loveable pups, please contact Sophie at

Solo Female:
One adorable brown female pup. “She's adorable, LOVES the kids and people, is energetic, snugly, sweet, fuzzy,” said the pup’s rescue home. She is about seven (7) weeks old.

If you are interested in adopting this little female, please contact Nicolette at or 322-0200.

Adult Dogs:

This is a great family dog that is house trained, and has received his vaccinations and de-worming. He loves company and enjoys being around children and other dogs, including cats.

If you are looking for a companion, please contact Marie at or PAWS at 285-PAWS.

PAWS is also looking for families that are willing and able to foster homeless animals, like Choco, who was abandoned by her owners when they left island. Choco is a brown female, thought to be about one year old and very sweet.

Choco’s older brother is also in need of a new home – temporary or permanent. His name is Blackie. He is very sweet and loves to greet people by jumping up and rolling over for a petting.

If you are interested in fostering Choco or Blackie, please contact PAWS at 285-PAWS to discuss foster obligations and opportunities. Alternatively, you may contact the rescuers, Mark and Patti, at 322-6676.