Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Paul Newman and Bingo are Looking for New Homes

UPDATE: Bingo has a home!! Bingo is a 13 year old SPAYED female with all of her shots. She has aged to perfection! Unfortunately, her family is moving to Hawaii and they don't think she could endure the stress of flying. We're looking for a responsible and loving home to care for Bingo in her final years. Thirteen years old! WOW!!

Paul Newman- Gets his name from his sky blue eye color. A 3-3 ½ years old, neutered male. “Mr. Independence” Weighs about 10 pounds. He’s an indoor, outdoor cat. He’s favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping. Great mouser. He likes to be petted but not cuddled. Talks a lot! A “boonie” cat disguised as a Siamese.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Paul Newman and/or Bingo, please email Zoe at zaschorr@hotmail.com, Susan at sfschorr@hotmail.com, and/or Katie at busenkell@gmail.com. You may also contact Susan at (cell) 483-8736 or (work) 236-8376.

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