Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Press release printed in the Saipan Tribune, January 2, 2008: http://www.saipantribune.com/newsstory.aspx?newsID=75690&cat=1

According to PAWS, December was a bad month for the animals of Saipan.

On Dec. 10, two dogs were stolen from a family residence in As Mahetok. A male Chocolate Lab named Bruno and a female boonie dog named Haley were taken from their family's property while the family was at work. Neither dog has been found and no information regarding the theft of these dogs has been reported to the owners or PAWS.

Also in early December, a male black boonie was taken from a family residence behind Hi-Mart. Again, no information has been reported on the whereabouts of this animal.

On Dec. 20, PAWS received a report about a dog that was rescued from the kitchen of a Korean restaurant. The dog was taken to Paradise Island Animal Hospital for evaluation and treatment. During a visit to the property where the restaurant is located in San Jose, neighbors told PAWS that they had witnessed a dog being beaten to death with a 2x4 last year. One child said she had witnessed a dog being boiled for soup.

On Dec. 21, PAWS had a dog euthanized in the San Vicente area because its owner had abandoned the dog, without food or water, after tethering it to a structure. Numerous attempts were made to locate the owner, but unfortunately no one came forward to claim the dog. The dog was not adoptable because it appeared to be timid and aggressive.

On Dec. 26, PAWS received a report about a neglected dog in Puerto Rico. According to the rescuer, the dog was infested with fleas and ticks and its skin was inaccessible because the hair was matted together. Less than 24 hours after receiving the report, the dog died after efforts were taken to save its life.

On Dec. 28, a woman found a dog in the Marpi area. “As I was walking up, this dog approached me and was sort of whimpering. Small, skin all red, blistered, peeling. Open sores. Almost completely hairless, even the tail. Emaciated beyond comprehension. She weighs about 15 lbs. Had on a collar.” [See picture in preceding blog article]

PAWS is hoping to find the owner of the dog, as it is believed that she once belonged to someone that cared for her. “She knows the word 'sit,' she is not afraid of people, and she is seeking to be comforted by human touch,” PAWS said. If her owner is not found, and the dog survives, the rescuer will keep the dog.

And on Dec. 29, a Saipan resident rescued a 6-week-old kitten from Joeten's grocery store in Garapan. Before taking the kitten, the rescuer inquired whether the kitten belonged to anyone in the area. No one claimed to know anything about the kitten, other than noting that it first appeared two days earlier. The rescuer said, “I was really disturbed and irritated by the number of people that walked by this visibly scared and abandoned kitten. These people looked at it and did nothing.”

That kitten is now in a foster home and available for adoption to a good home.

PAWS noted that these are just a few of the cases reported this month. “We are always saddened to hear of so many animals being neglected and abused by people, especially during this “joyful’ time of year,” said PAWS president Katie Busenkell.

For more information on the animals of PAWS, visit www.paws-saipan.org or www.paws-saipan.blogspot.com

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