Sunday, September 30, 2007

Start Your October with PAWS and Beautify CNMI! AWC

In an effort to reach out to the general public, and educate adults and children about responsible pet ownership and compassion for animals, PAWS and the Beautify CNMI! Animal Welfare Committee are making a real effort to hold more events that involve YOU, the general public.

So, join us this October for our Open Meeting, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, and/or Kids' Night Out. Or, if you have some time, volunteer to give a responsible pet ownership presentation to elementary school children. At the very least, ask one of our board members for an animal-care brochure and hand them out to someone you know.

The point is - we want YOU to make a difference, and we need YOU to volunteer and contribute. It all starts with YOU.

Date: October 5, 2007
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Fiesta Resort's Chambre Bar
What: Open Meeting

PAWS is hosting a meeting for those that would like to discuss and learn more about animal-related issues and projects.

PAWS members, lawmakers, and members of the general public that are in attendance will have an opportunity to learn about the PAWS education program, pick up informational brochures on animal care, ask questions about the Animal Protection Act of 2007 and the Mayor's Shelter, or share ideas, comments and concerns with lawmakers and PAWS Board Members in attendance. Those in attendance can enjoy free appetizers and a no-host bar, courtesy of Fiesta Resort.

Date: October 7, 2007
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Where: Mt. Carmel Catholic Church's Fountain
What: Blessing of the Animals – Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

PAWS and Mt. Carmel Church will be celebrating the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Around the world, the Catholic Churches recognizes the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi on October 4th by offering a Blessing of the Animals. Traditionally, people bring their animals to the church for a blessing by a priest, pastor, or bishop.

This year, Saipan will celebrate its first Blessing of the Animals at the Mt. Carmel Catholic Church Fountain. All community members, Catholics and non-Catholics, are invited to bring their animals to the Mt. Carmel Fountain and receive a blessing at 8:00 a.m. on October 7th.

PAWS and Mt. Carmel Church would like to remind participants to have their animals on a leash. And perhaps more importantly, participants are asked to make arrangements for the direct transportation to and from the Blessing. No animals should be kept waiting in a car before, during, or after a Mass or service.

Date: October 12, 2007
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Where: Fiesta Resort Game Room
What: PAWS – Kids' Night Out
Cost: $10.00 for the first child and $5.00 for each additional child in an immediate family.

Looking for a few hours to yourself? Want to enjoy a quiet dinner with someone special? Well, PAWS is here and able to help!

Starting in October, PAWS and Fiesta Resort have teamed up to host a fundraiser called Kids' Night Out (KNO). Children ages 3-12 are welcome to participate in our fun program while parents take a few hours off. During this four-hour period, the children will play video games for a half hour, be engaged in arts and crafts, story reading, and an educational movie. Fiesta Resort has generously offered to provide snacks and caffeine-free drinks.

Check-in will be between 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. Parents must pick up their children no later than 10:00 p.m.

If you are interested in learning more about this great escape, please contact Melissa Simms at

Also, don't forget to turn in on Monday mornings to Power 99 at 9:00 for the PAWS Pet Stop with PAWS Board Member Rose Callier.For more information on these events, and more, please visit our website at or

I also must take this opportunity to thank Fiesta Resort and the Saipan Grand - both of which are Tan Holding Companies - for their incredible generosity. They came to us and offered us the use of their facilities to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and compassion for animals. We are incredibly grateful for this kind act and their support of community efforts. Thank you.

Kittens and a Beautiful White Cat Up for Adoption

Three Great Kittens and a Momma Cat up for Adoption at PIAH:

Paradise Island Animal Hospital has some great little kittens that are up for adoption. If you are looking for someone a bit older, meet their mom. She is a beautiful white cat that is looking for some lovin.

If you are interested, please call Paradise Island Animal Hospital at 234-9669.

Gypsy is FOUND!


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are You Looking for Me?

This female boonie dog, Brittany, followed someone home. She is in very good health and so well behaved, they think she may be someone's lost pet. She stuck around for a while, so they have been caring for her. Please contact Rose Callier at 285-0408 or at ASAP if she belongs to you. If the rightful owner is not found within a week, this great dog will be available for adoption to a good home.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

St. Francis of Assisi and Blessing of Animals

PAWS and Beautify CNMI!’s Animal Welfare Committee are delighted to announce that Mt. Carmel Catholic Church will be recognizing the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi on Sunday, October 7, 2007 by holding a Blessing of the Animals at 8:00 a.m. The Blessing will be performed by Father Ryan out by the Mt. Carmel Fountain.

St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the ecology, was a Roman Catholic saint who took the gospel literally by following all Jesus said and did.In celebration of this patron saint, members of the community and their pets are invited to attend a Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, October 7, 2007 at 8:00 a.m.

The blessing should only take about thirty minutes, so people should have time to make safe arrangements to return their animals back home before the 9 a.m. Mass, which will be held in honor of St. Francis.

We are looking for Catholic pet owners who are willing to participate in the Mass. More specifically, we need people to do the Readings, General Inter-Session, and Offerings. If you would be interested in participating in the Mass, please contact Katie Busenkell at or Father Ryan at

It is important to note that ALL people and their animals, regardless of their faith, are invited to attend this special mass and receive a blessing.The following is an article on St. Francis and Blessing of the Animals. If you wish to learn more about Saint Francis, please visit

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This month Power 99 Radio and PAWS launched the PAWS Pet Spot, Monday mornings at 9:00am on the Daddy Long Legzz Radio Program.

Our debut program gave listeners some background information about PAWS and our activities and events of the past several months, such as Saipan’s first ever Dog Show and the launch of our In School Education Program. Rose brought along Gidget, our Pet of the Week, who took all the excitement in stride…but fell asleep at the end of the interview. Being a canine celebrity is hard work! We also made a plea for a family that had lost their pet dog, Gypsy, over the weekend.

Each week the PAWS Pet Spot will have a featured Pet of the Week that is currently up for adoption, information on responsible pet ownership, volunteer opportunities, news of upcoming activities and pet related events. Stay tuned - PAWS has a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few months!

Thanks so much to Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting and Power 99 Radio for making this idea a reality. Special thanks to Mark Robertson, for stopping by and snapping these great photos of the occasion.

~Tune in for the PAWS Pet Spot, Monday mornings at 9:00 on Power 99!~

Monday, September 10, 2007

AWC and PAWS would like to thank MCV, particularly Mark B., for helping some animals and families in need. MCV kindly offered to create and show postings on Channel 41 for the two missing dogs Rocky and Gypsy. These ads will run for the next 10 days.

Thank you Mark and MCV for helping us reach out to the community!

In the future, if you are missing a pet, please contact MCV. MCV is willing to run a Missing Pet Ads for $25.00 for 7 days. This will be a cost charged to the owner. You have to head down to MCV with a picture and description of your pet. They will scan it and put it up on the channel.

Please send PAWS and AWC the same information so we may post this information on our blogspot, website, and ask the news to get involved.

So, if your pet is missing, we urge you to take advantage of this great price and reach out to the public to increase your odds of getting back your loved pet.

If you have more questions, please contact Katie at or 256-0243.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

One More Missing Dog - FOUND!


Please help us find Jake.

His family is offering a

REWARD OF $200.00:

  • Male boonie dog.

  • Looks like a shrunken German Sheppard.

  • Weighs 19 lbs.

  • Very smart, sweet, and active.

  • Wearing a bright orange collar with a tiny bell.

  • Last scene on Friday September 7, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Please Help Find These Dogs!

The AWC and PAWS are asking for your help in locating two missing dogs. We are asking that you post the following information and pictures on your blog and/or website. The more people that see these postings, the more likely we are to get these animals back to their rightful owners.

If you or someone you know has information regarding the following two dogs, please contact Katie at 256-0243 or 286-0970.

Remember, this could be you and your pet or your property, depending on how you look at it. Let's work together to bring these animals/stolen property home and send a message to the community that we are looking out for one another.

On August 30, 2007, a dog by the name of Rocky went missing from the corner of Lucia St. and Texas Rd. in CK. The dog is a male boonie that is white with brown spots and longer hair. If you or anyone you know has information regarding Rocky or his disappearance, please call 287-5972. You may also call PAWS at 256-0243. The family is offering a $300.00 reward for the return of Rocky. Please help us find him and bring him home to his family.

Missing As Matuis Dog

A couple living in As Matuis are asking for your help in finding their female dog Gypsy. On Sunday, August 26, 2007 Gypsy and the couple’s two other dogs took themselves for a walk in the jungle. The two other dogs returned home two days later, however Gypsy remains missing.

Gypsy is a female boonie dog, who is about 3 years old. She is mixed in color and weighs about 30 pounds.

If you have any information that could lead to the return of Gypsy to her family, please contact Lindsay at 322-2449. You may also contact PAWS at 256-0243 or at

Please, help this family reunite with their dog that they love and miss very much.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Making a Difference

Once a man was walking along a beach. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Off in the distance he could see a little boy going back and forth between the surf's edge and and the beach. Back and forth the little boy went. As the man approached he could see that there were hundreds of starfish stranded on the sand as the result of the natural action of the tide.

The man was struck by the the apparent futility of the task. There were far too many starfish. Many of them were sure to perish. As he approached, the boy continued the task of picking up starfish one by one and throwing them into the surf.

As he came up to the boy he said, "You must be crazy. There are thousands of miles of beach covered with starfish. You can't possibly make a difference." The little boy looked at the man. He then reached down and picked up one more starfish and threw it back into the ocean. He turned back to the man and said, "It sure made a difference to that one!"

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Homes for the Homeless

Do you have room in your house and heart for these two little ladies?

This booine pup we have nicknamed Gidget, was "adopted" by a mother dog we are fostering. After we found homes for her litter of six puppies...this little lady showed up and was treated like one of her own. We are guessing her to be about 10-12 weeks old. She has the most interesting floppy EARS which change with her mood. She is personality plus and loves belly rubs, being held and petted. Gets along with other dogs and cats, and is well socialized.

For more information call Rose at # 285-0408 or via email

Or, how about this little lady?

Every so often, a special little creature comes along that really stands out from the rest. Such is the case with Maya, the pup found in the Payless Store parking lot a few weeks ago. Without a hair on her body, she cheerfully jogged up to every person in the parking lot asking for help. Never before have I seen such a carefree and loving personality come from an abandoned boonie dog. Maya loves everyone, and thinks that everyone loves her. Given a few minutes in her company, I guarantee you'll prove her right. She is irresistibly loving. She is also strangely smart.

To date, Maya has been to see Dr. dela Cruz twice. She has received two shots for mange condition, a de-worming shot, and a parvo shot. Hair has already started to grow back all over her body and the mange is no longer contagious. She does require one more shot on the September 11th, and then she should be good to go.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting this special little being, please contact Melissa Simms at 234-1253 or Katie at 256-0243 or

Okay, okay - we know she's not as cute at Gidget YET - but cut the little gal a break! Besides, judging from her personality, she has no idea that looks matter to some.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

FOUND! Gypsy is home!

FOUND - No longer missing: Gypsy was last seen in As Matuis. She is a very sweet dog with a family who misses her horribly. Please, if you have an information on the whereabouts of Gypsy, contact Lindsay or Glenn at 322-2449. You may also contact Katie at 256-0243.