Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An old, healthy dog

This week marks the eleventh year I've had my dog Shelby. My sister had her one year, so she is twelve. Life took strange journeys, and never did I imagine I'd be bringing my dog all over the world, but that was what was required, so that is what I did. With an investment in veterinary care, an animal can live long and prosper, not to mention offer all types of life enriching experiences.

People say all these things about dogs being loyal, but I don't actually buy that. I had this dog for eight years, just her and me, but she is now more attached to my wife and ten year old. I don't begrudge that, though. She teaches my son about responsibilty, care and love, and she's still one, sweet, spoiled, old cutie.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Letter of Clarification

In response to an article published in the Marianas Variety, the following letter of clarification was issued on June 14, 2007, to the Marianas Variety, the Saipan Tribune, Senator Hofschneider, and Senator Crisostimo:
Dear Editor,

This is a letter of clarification in response to an article published by the Marianas Variety on June 14, 2007 titled "Animal Welfare Advocate Wants Cockfighting Banned."

When I was contacted by the Marianas Variety, I asked that the topic of the anti-cruelty bill be approached delicately, as there is a lot at stake. In an effort to avoid any confusion, misquotation, or misinterpretation, I emailed the MV a carefully crafted email summarizing the meaning of the anti-cruelty bill and the status of the bill.

Despite this protective measure, information was misstated and I believe that information needs to be corrected for the general public.

First, the bill that was introduced to the House and Senate is an "anti-cruelty bill," not an "anti-animal cruelty bill."

Second, I did not say that Senator Hofschneider or Senator Crisostimo were proponents of the bill. I said, "I recently spoke with Rep. Kaipat, Senator Hofschneider, and Senator Crisostomo about the law and hope to meet with lawmakers sometime in the coming weeks."

There is a big difference in these two statements.

For clarification, neither Senator Hofschneider nor Senator Crisostimo expressed to me that they were for or against the anti-cruelty bill. Rather, they simply expressed a willingness to learn more about the bill and it's effect on the community.

I recognize and appreciate the media's willingness to cover animal-related stories. However, the topic of anti-cruelty is an extremely serious and delicate issue, and therefore it must be reported in a conservative and accurate manner. To do otherwise may set back our efforts rather than further them.

If readers have questions about the anti-cruelty bill, they may contact me at

Kindest Regards,
Katie Busenkell
President of PAWS
Chair of Beautify CNMI! Animal Welfare Committee

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Gathering of Community Organizations for DOI - Including PAWS

Secretary of the United States Interior Dirk Kempthorne and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs David Cohen with community leaders: Beautify CNMI! Leader Rep. Cinta Kaipat, Gus Kaipat, Friends of the Marianas (FMI) President Marites Castillo, Walt Goodridge, and PAWS President and Chair of Beautify CNMI!'s Animal WElfare Committee Katie Busenkell

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Happy Tail!

This is Tiger, a PAWS rescue, happily celebrating with his new family, the Ada Family!

Looking for Some Lovin? Well, Adopt Me!!

Is your family lacking evening entertainment? Do you wish you had a warm, soft body to happily greet you at the end of the day?

Well, we have exactly what you are looking for!

PAWS is currently trying to find homes for EIGHT kittens. If you someone you know is interested in adopting one or two kittens, please contact the rescuers below.


Two kittens, one male and one female, are up for adoption to loving homes. They are about 10 weeks old. Both have been examined by Dr. Tudor and de-wormed. They are scheduled to receive their vaccination shot on the 14th, compliments of PAWS.

If I didn't already have two cats, I would definitely keep these two. They are good with dogs and cats, and they absolutely love people. They would make a great pet for someone who is looking for one or two house companions.

If you are interested in adopting one or both of these kittens, please contact Katie at or at 256-0243.

This is Little Lady. She has a GREAT personality: she's busy, playful, smart, and loving. I think she has the brains between the two of them. She seems to get "it."

This is PigPen. I don't know what his problem is. He is always a little dirty, and strangely, that makes him more irresistible. He LOVES to he held, and will actually ask to be picked up. He is a lover.


These two kittens were brought into PIAH and never picked up. Naturally, Dr. Tudor is taking great care of them and desperately is looking for a loving and responsible home.

The Calico one is a female, and she has an absolutely beautiful face.

The little black one is a boy, and he is a lover. Some people are afraid of black cats, and I'm telling your right now that all those rumors ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! My two cats growing up were black, one of which is still alive and healthy at 22 years old, and I can't tell you how much joy they brought to our family.

Both kittens have been de-wormed and are extremely healthy. They love all the other animals at the hospital, which says a lot about their personalities, and they particularly like people.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting these two kittens, please contact PIAH at 234-9669.


God made kittens this cute so we could find a home early in life. Look at those faces! Wes has four healthy young kittens that are almost ready for adoption. They just started to purr this week, so they are not quite ready to leave mom yet.

However, you can still lay-claim to one of these little guys by calling Wes at and 287-2467.