Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great Job Mr. McPhetres NMC Class!

On December 10, 2007, a group of students in Mr. Samuel F. McPhetres NMC Social Issues class gave a presentation on the importance of animal control. Group participants included:

  • Maryann Borja
  • Rose Gibbons
  • Evita Norita
  • Shawna Chong
  • Christie Sablan
  • Jasyleen Taimanao

These students did a superb job highlighting issues that stem from uncontrolled animal populations. The topics of discussion included:

  • Why animal control measures are important:
  • Why dogs act aggressively towards humans:
  • The affects of animals on Saipan’s tourism industry:
  • Benefits of owning a healthy dog:
  • Importance of spaying and neutering dogs:
  • Importance of vaccinations: and
  • Saipan’s proposed shelter and funding of the shelter.

Towards the end of the presentation, Maryann Borja emphasized that humans have an obligation to respect and protect animals. She also emphasized that owning a pet is a privilege not a right.

PAWS couldn’t agree with Maryann and this group of students more!

Thank you Mr. Phetres and his class for researching this subject thoroughly and drawing attention to the importance of resolving our animal-related issues humanely!

Oh yeah! Thanks for promoting PAWS and encouraging the class to visit our blog!

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