Thursday, January 31, 2008

Students press Legislature on anti-cruelty bill

The following story appeared in the Saipan Tribune on February 1, 2008:

Students press Legislature on anti-cruelty bill

The first batch of letters from students of William S. Reyes Elementary School pressing lawmakers to enact an anti-animal cruelty bill was hand-delivered to the Legislature Wednesday.

The students, according WSR sixth grade teacher Phyllis Ain, made really good arguments in their letters. “Not only were they concerned about the well-being of the animals, but they were really concerned about how the absence of the anti-animal cruelty law would effect tourism in the CNMI,” Ain said.

One of the letters was from sixth grader Aprilleen Sablan to Senate President Pete Reyes, where she stated that an anti-animal cruelty law will not only prevent animals from being neglected, abandoned, and injured but would help “the CNMI become an even more beautiful place” and not scare off tourists. She added in her letter that, “A few nights ago you [Reyes] said that you weren't going to pass the law because the CNMI has no budget. It doesn't really matter if the CNMI has a budget or not. The law wouldn't need that much money.”

Ain said the students didn't really understand why the law was not being passed because of “no money.” “They didn't understand what that had to do with passing the law that would just punish people who would hurt animals. I said I didn't know and that they should ask the people who are responsible; and that's what they did,” Ain said.

She said she understands that CNMI lawmakers have priorities. “And I respect their priorities. But the pie is not just one size. There are a lot of segments to that pie. And this is an issue the community is obviously concerned about, and it's growing.”The second batch of student letters to the Legislature will be sent out today.

Dan Anderson, who hand-delivered the first batch of 31 letters to the Senate president, said that, from what he read, the students have valid questions. “They [students] wanted to know why they [lawmakers] couldn't pass the law and why they couldn't pass the budget,” Anderson said.

Pets Assistance and Welfare Services president Katie Busenkell said, "The reports of pet-theft and rampant animal abuse that is tolerated in Saipan is appalling. It is absolutely disgraceful that on American soil, it is legal to beat and or torture an animal to death.”

She urged people to “write your legislators and urge them to pass the PAWS Animal Protection Act. It is the foundation to some much needed change in the way animals are treated on Saipan."

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Our membership pool is at an all-time low, despite all the amazing accomplishments we've achieved this year.

If we don't have members, we can't help the humans and animals of Saipan.

So, it's time to sign up for the first time or renew your membership for only $10.00!!

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Alternatively, you can fill out the membership form and hand it to one of our board members. (We're working on getting PayPal set up, but that won't be for awhile!).

Any questions, email Katie at

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank you Local Media!

PAWS would like to thank our local media - KSPN and the Saipan Tribune - for covering the recently reported incidents of animal abuse and neglect in Saipan. Without our friends in the media, these stories would go untold and unnoticed by the public.

Thank you Morgan Rose!

Thank you Rianne Pangelinan-Brown!

If you missed the reports, please visit KSPN Channel 2's Archives at

On 1/21/08, Morgan Rose uncovered the story of a dog that was rescued from a Korean restaurant. She also discussed the legalization of animal abuse in Saipan.

On 1/22/08, Morgan rose covered the recent story of a dog that was shot in a residential neighborhood.

And, on 1/23/08, Morgan Rose interviewed various Legislators about the Animal Protection Act, which has still not been passed into law.

On 1/25/08, the Saipan Tribune printed a story about Saipan's tolerance for animal abuse. The story is available at We've provided it below for your convenience.

Residents still forced to 'tolerate' animal abuse
By Rianne Pangelinan-BrownReporter

For years, the CNMI has been forced to tolerate the many instances of animal abuses they witness as there is no law protecting animals.

The Jin Joo Restaurant dog incident and the recent dog-shooting incident has prompted the attention of concerned citizens, who could not help but wonder why animal abuse should be tolerated at all for so many years.

According to Pet Assistance and Welfare Services president Katie Busenkell, “Saipan is the only territory that doesn't have a law protecting animals from abuse or neglect.”

A male resident reported that he has witnessed some Asian men on the third floor of the Shakier II building in Chalan Kanoa beating dogs to death and disposing of the bones in the alley. “More than a year ago I saw two [men] killing a dog with 2x4 wood. About since then, I would smell some bad odor everyday 'til now. I always saw the [men] throwing large trash bags from the roof of Shakier Bldg II. My wife said that she even saw cats,” he said.

Another male witness said he had heard the Asian residents on the third floor beating dogs to death and he can often smell the dogs being cooked. He said he had reported the incident to DPS on at least one occasion, but that they had not taken action.

A female local resident vented her frustration by saying “Why hasn’t the Legislature passed a law expressly making it illegal to steal a dog and kill it inhumanely? Where do these dogs come from that are killed so brutally for meat? If these dogs are stolen, why doesn’t DPS treat dog theft like the theft of property, like a television?”

The Animal Protection Act of 2007 was introduced in the last Legislature by Rep. Stanley Torres and was also championed by former representative Cinta Kaipat. The bill managed to reach the Senate where several changes were made and then it was sent back for further review. The bill, according to Legislative Bureau's Evelyn Fleming,, is “now dead and would have to be reintroduced again.”

Rep. Tina Sablan said she has just begun to look into the Animal Protection Act issue and that she supports the House version of the bill. “It's a reasonable, straightforward, and humane bill. I would gladly reintroduce or cosponsor it, and would certainly support it if any of my colleagues reintroduced it first,” she said.

Sablan said a similar bill is currently sitting in the health, education, and welfare committee chaired by Rep. Ralph Torres.

Busenkell said, "The reports of pet-theft and rampant animal abuse that is tolerated in Saipan is appalling. It is absolutely disgraceful that on American soil, it is legal to beat and or torture an animal to death.”

She added that “PAWS is asking people to stand up against such blatant disregard for property and life. Write your legislators and urge them to pass the PAWS Animal Protection Act. It is the foundation to some much needed change in the way animals are treated in Saipan."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Help Whispering Palms Make the Island More Beautiful!

UPDATE: Whispering Palms raised over $700.00 at their garage sale this weekend. All proceeds will go towards spaying and neutering the schools numerous stray cats.

PAWS would like to commend the students and teachers of Whispering Palms for acting responsibly and compassionate - and doing the right thing! Thank you for working so hard to give these animals a better life.

If you are interested in helping Whispering Palms, or adopting one of these cats, please contact PAWS at 286-0970.

Whispering Palms School (Navy Hill) is seeking your help in making Saipan a better place!

Over the last few months, the teachers and students of Whispering Palms have worked hard to raise money to spay and neuter 3 stray cats. The school would now like to spay or neuter the remaining cats and find homes for the kittens that are soon to be born.

Middle School Student President Crosby Kaid Schultz said:

"It has been hard keeping up though because the cats are adopting us and they just keep coming and to top it all off one of our cats named Ginger, got sick and her hair is falling out. We need help so we are having a garage sale at our school on January 19th this Saturday from 8-12. At our garage sale we will have everything from furniture to bikes to toys. We will have almost everything you can imagine. So please Saipan help us make our community the best it can be."

The teachers and students of Whispering Palms are to be commended for acting responsibility and compassinately towards animals, and for working so hard to make Saipan a better place.

So, please join Whispering Palms this Saturday for their garage sale. Alternatively, make a donation to the school for this very worthy cause and lesson!

For more information, contact Brenda Schultz at


Are you missing someone? This long-haired wonder was found near Java Joe's in DanDan. If you or someone you is missing a dog, please contact Katie at 286-0970 or

Responsible Family Wanted

Are you a responsible home looking for a new addition to the family? Well, meet our friend here, Lucky (as we here at PAWS like to call her).

In Mid-December, a woman reported seeing a Korean restaurant owner pay $20.00 for a dog. She said she witnessed this man purchase numerous dogs in the same manner. She also reported having heard dog cries from the restaurant, where she believed the dogs were being killed for their meat.

Disturbed by what the woman was saying, a man heroically entered the restaurant and marched straight back to the kitchen, where he found Lucky tied to a kitchen table, cowering over a drain in the floor.

The rescuer called DPS, but DPS said there was nothing they could do. The rescuer then called DPH, who came out to the scene, confiscated some chopped up bones, and took the dog. The dog was then transported to Paradise Island Animal Hospital, where she remains today - waiting for someone to foster her or permanently adopt her.

Over the last few weeks, PIAH has worked with this dog to socialize her with other animals and humans. Yesterday, January 15th, Lucky was spayed. She has received all of her shots and is ready to be adopted by a responsible and loving home.

If you have room in your heart for Lucky, please contact Paradise Island Animal Hospital at 234-9669. Alternatively, you may contact Katie at 286-0970 or

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Shima and Max - Up for Adoption

Shima is 9 year old female tabby with all of her shots and is spayed!!

She is good with people, but has to get used to them first and is a little scardie cat at first.. then she wants to be right next to you all the time. She is pretty verbal, but her talking has mellowed with age. She is the sweetest kittie I have ever had.

We actually have two cats, the other, Max, is 16 and we brought him from the states with us twelve years ago. They love eachother and have been my best friends! (except of course my husband...) Max is too old to leave the island and will probably have to be put down which makes me sick and breaks my heart.

So, PLEASE if you have room in your home for one or two cats - both spayed/neutered with shots - please email Mary at or 287-5455(jill).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Press release printed in the Saipan Tribune, January 2, 2008:

According to PAWS, December was a bad month for the animals of Saipan.

On Dec. 10, two dogs were stolen from a family residence in As Mahetok. A male Chocolate Lab named Bruno and a female boonie dog named Haley were taken from their family's property while the family was at work. Neither dog has been found and no information regarding the theft of these dogs has been reported to the owners or PAWS.

Also in early December, a male black boonie was taken from a family residence behind Hi-Mart. Again, no information has been reported on the whereabouts of this animal.

On Dec. 20, PAWS received a report about a dog that was rescued from the kitchen of a Korean restaurant. The dog was taken to Paradise Island Animal Hospital for evaluation and treatment. During a visit to the property where the restaurant is located in San Jose, neighbors told PAWS that they had witnessed a dog being beaten to death with a 2x4 last year. One child said she had witnessed a dog being boiled for soup.

On Dec. 21, PAWS had a dog euthanized in the San Vicente area because its owner had abandoned the dog, without food or water, after tethering it to a structure. Numerous attempts were made to locate the owner, but unfortunately no one came forward to claim the dog. The dog was not adoptable because it appeared to be timid and aggressive.

On Dec. 26, PAWS received a report about a neglected dog in Puerto Rico. According to the rescuer, the dog was infested with fleas and ticks and its skin was inaccessible because the hair was matted together. Less than 24 hours after receiving the report, the dog died after efforts were taken to save its life.

On Dec. 28, a woman found a dog in the Marpi area. “As I was walking up, this dog approached me and was sort of whimpering. Small, skin all red, blistered, peeling. Open sores. Almost completely hairless, even the tail. Emaciated beyond comprehension. She weighs about 15 lbs. Had on a collar.” [See picture in preceding blog article]

PAWS is hoping to find the owner of the dog, as it is believed that she once belonged to someone that cared for her. “She knows the word 'sit,' she is not afraid of people, and she is seeking to be comforted by human touch,” PAWS said. If her owner is not found, and the dog survives, the rescuer will keep the dog.

And on Dec. 29, a Saipan resident rescued a 6-week-old kitten from Joeten's grocery store in Garapan. Before taking the kitten, the rescuer inquired whether the kitten belonged to anyone in the area. No one claimed to know anything about the kitten, other than noting that it first appeared two days earlier. The rescuer said, “I was really disturbed and irritated by the number of people that walked by this visibly scared and abandoned kitten. These people looked at it and did nothing.”

That kitten is now in a foster home and available for adoption to a good home.

PAWS noted that these are just a few of the cases reported this month. “We are always saddened to hear of so many animals being neglected and abused by people, especially during this “joyful’ time of year,” said PAWS president Katie Busenkell.

For more information on the animals of PAWS, visit or