Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank you Local Media!

PAWS would like to thank our local media - KSPN and the Saipan Tribune - for covering the recently reported incidents of animal abuse and neglect in Saipan. Without our friends in the media, these stories would go untold and unnoticed by the public.

Thank you Morgan Rose!

Thank you Rianne Pangelinan-Brown!

If you missed the reports, please visit KSPN Channel 2's Archives at

On 1/21/08, Morgan Rose uncovered the story of a dog that was rescued from a Korean restaurant. She also discussed the legalization of animal abuse in Saipan.

On 1/22/08, Morgan rose covered the recent story of a dog that was shot in a residential neighborhood.

And, on 1/23/08, Morgan Rose interviewed various Legislators about the Animal Protection Act, which has still not been passed into law.

On 1/25/08, the Saipan Tribune printed a story about Saipan's tolerance for animal abuse. The story is available at We've provided it below for your convenience.

Residents still forced to 'tolerate' animal abuse
By Rianne Pangelinan-BrownReporter

For years, the CNMI has been forced to tolerate the many instances of animal abuses they witness as there is no law protecting animals.

The Jin Joo Restaurant dog incident and the recent dog-shooting incident has prompted the attention of concerned citizens, who could not help but wonder why animal abuse should be tolerated at all for so many years.

According to Pet Assistance and Welfare Services president Katie Busenkell, “Saipan is the only territory that doesn't have a law protecting animals from abuse or neglect.”

A male resident reported that he has witnessed some Asian men on the third floor of the Shakier II building in Chalan Kanoa beating dogs to death and disposing of the bones in the alley. “More than a year ago I saw two [men] killing a dog with 2x4 wood. About since then, I would smell some bad odor everyday 'til now. I always saw the [men] throwing large trash bags from the roof of Shakier Bldg II. My wife said that she even saw cats,” he said.

Another male witness said he had heard the Asian residents on the third floor beating dogs to death and he can often smell the dogs being cooked. He said he had reported the incident to DPS on at least one occasion, but that they had not taken action.

A female local resident vented her frustration by saying “Why hasn’t the Legislature passed a law expressly making it illegal to steal a dog and kill it inhumanely? Where do these dogs come from that are killed so brutally for meat? If these dogs are stolen, why doesn’t DPS treat dog theft like the theft of property, like a television?”

The Animal Protection Act of 2007 was introduced in the last Legislature by Rep. Stanley Torres and was also championed by former representative Cinta Kaipat. The bill managed to reach the Senate where several changes were made and then it was sent back for further review. The bill, according to Legislative Bureau's Evelyn Fleming,, is “now dead and would have to be reintroduced again.”

Rep. Tina Sablan said she has just begun to look into the Animal Protection Act issue and that she supports the House version of the bill. “It's a reasonable, straightforward, and humane bill. I would gladly reintroduce or cosponsor it, and would certainly support it if any of my colleagues reintroduced it first,” she said.

Sablan said a similar bill is currently sitting in the health, education, and welfare committee chaired by Rep. Ralph Torres.

Busenkell said, "The reports of pet-theft and rampant animal abuse that is tolerated in Saipan is appalling. It is absolutely disgraceful that on American soil, it is legal to beat and or torture an animal to death.”

She added that “PAWS is asking people to stand up against such blatant disregard for property and life. Write your legislators and urge them to pass the PAWS Animal Protection Act. It is the foundation to some much needed change in the way animals are treated in Saipan."

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