Sunday, October 21, 2007

Foster Home Needed


Unfortunately, Smooshy was put to sleep yesterday. He was just too sick to be saved. As someone who met Smooshy, I still do not understand who would abandon such a sweet and loving animal when he needed help the most.

PAWS would like to thank Miko, the gentleman that called us about Smooshy and was kind enough to take care of him while we tried to find Smooshy a foster home and made arrangements for medical treatment/transportation.

Thank you to Melissa and Jeff for offering to foster Smooshy. We are always grateful when someone opens their hearts and homes to animals that are in need of tender loving care.

And, thank you Rose and Dr. Tudor, for doing the most unpleasant of tasks. Your gentle assistance is always appreciated, and I'm confident that your warm presence was comforting to Smooshy in his final hour.

Dear Members and Friends,

PAWS is in need of your help. We are looking for a foster home that would be able and willing to care for a very sweet, young abandoned dog.

The dog was dumped about a week ago at Kim's Market in lower Navy Hill. He has a wonderful personality - very docile and gentle. So gentle in fact, that the 5-6 year old boy that has been looking after the dog has named the dog Smooshy.

The dog is a black male, which is about 9 months old.

We are confident that with some high-protein meals, water, a bath, and a roof over his head, Smooshy will recover and prove to be an awesome pet for someone.

Please, if you can house this dog for 2-3 weeks while he regains his strength and body weight, PAWS will provide you with a large bag of food and pay for the dog's medical treatment at DLNR.

If you or someone you know can help us please contact one of our board members:

Katie Busenkell at,
Melissa Simms at, or
Rose Callier at

This is a last ditch attempt at saving this dog's life. Thus, your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

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