Monday, August 4, 2008

Beautiful Spayed Cat for Adoption:

A beautiful spayed female cat is up for adoption to a good home. Apaka is about 5 1/2 years old, all white except for her tail, she has one blue and one green eye. She is an indoor cat only, as she is possibly deaf in one ear due to a genetic defect and she is de-clawed. She is current on her vaccinations. She does not meow alot but prefers to communicate by rubbing up against someone when she needs something.
Apaka's family loves her dearly but can no longer afford to care for her. Therefore, they are seeking a loving and responsible home that will continue to care for her indoors and ensure that she receives yearly examinations by a veterinarian. If you are interested in adopting Apaka, please contact Joseph Cabrera at 484-0632 or 234-1513. Alternatively, you may contact PAWS at 285-PAWS. For other PAWS related news, visit the PAWS blog at

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