Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PAWS Looking for Homes - Again

PAWS is in need of permanent or foster homes for the following animals:

Lone Male Kitten - Boy is He CUTE!

This little guy is quite a character! He isn't afraid of anyone or anything. He loves attention and to play. The foster family has really enjoyed caring for him and would like to find him a good home. If you are interested, please contact Rachelle at or at 322-2104 or 286-7909.

Five Adorable Kittens:

Five adorable kittens ready for adoption. All kittens are litter trained, deflead, and on solid food.

E.T. is an orange and white striped tabby kitten who was so named because of his out of this world ears. E.T. loves to sit quietly and watch everything and everyone around. Mesa is E.T.'s twin, an orange and white striped tabby.

Mesa is the snuggler of the group and loves nothing better than to curl up in the crook of your arm. She is a docile sweetheart.

Phantom is the odd man out in this crowd, as he has no sibling that matches his appearance. He is mostly white with black spots, almost like a miniature cow. Phantom is the adventurer and loves to explore the boundaries of his home and his humans.

Banshee is a black, orange, brown and white calico and was named for his fondness to talk to anyone who will listen.

Moo is Banshee's twin in appearance and is also a snuggler and talker. Moo always keeps an eye on his siblings to make sure none of them get out of line.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering any of these beautiful kittens please contact Aaron or Amanda via email at or by phone at 256-7732 or 285-8101.


PAWS is still in need of home for Leo, a young male kitten thought to be about 9-10 weeks old. He is good with older children and other animals. "He is such a great kitten that I would love to keep him, but I just can't." said his current foster mother. "I would like to find him a very special home." If you are interested in adopting Leo, please contact Melissa at 234-1253 or at

Loveable Dogs:

PAWS is also looking for an immediate permanent or foster home for two dogs. The people who are currently caring for the dogs found them abandoned about a month ago and are unable to continue fostering the dogs this summer. Both are well-behaved and gentle. The female dog is expecting puppies. If you are interested in learning more about this foster or adoption opportunity, please contact Michael at 789-2153 or via email at

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