Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Thanks for Little Things that Help A Lot!

It often seems that everyone is short on money and on time these days, but maybe we don't realize how seemly little things can greatly help someone else. Such is the case with two special people who helped PAWS in a big way this past week.

Jenny Zhang contacted PAWS after seeing that we had 10 cats needing homes. Jenny was a cat lover and previously had two cats. One had passed away some time ago and the other recently was lost or ran away. She was considering getting a new cat from PAWS, but will be leaving island soon. She called us with a FANTASTIC offer..."Could PAWS use some cat supplies?"

Yes, we can! A volunteer met Jenny and she offered us a huge box of items, including a brand new 30lb container of cat litter. Thank you, thank you, Jenny for your generosity! And what a great idea!

Do you have any pet supplies or items you no longer need? Give us a call and donate them to PAWS! You can remove some clutter and make a difference to some pets at the same time!

Also this week, PAWS had a call to removed a sick/injured dog from a business in Garapan. A truck was needed to take her the short ride to the Vet's office. Unfortunately one could not be located in a timely manner and the dog needed urgent medical care. No government office would help after repeated calls. Then our PAWS volunteer spotted a man with a truck nearby. She went over to him and explained the situation. He said he would be happy to help!

Thank you so much to Steve Marron for taking the time to transport "Sweetie" to the vet! Your time and kindness was greatly appreciated by PAWS and this dog is no longer suffering on the streets. A ten minute ride changed her life.

These are just two examples of what some people might consider "little things" but they really did mean A LOT!

There are many ways you can help and volunteer with PAWS, even if time and money is limited. Next time you see a PAWS dontation box at a local business, throw some small change in it. Every little bit helps! Also, Memberships are only $10 right now, downloadable from our website at or at Juanny's Salon and Porky's Bar & Restaurant, or by contacting any Board Member.

PAWS would also like to thank Education Presentation volunteers Carol Danelius and Ann Brazel. We are having a lot of fun with them and with the great kids in the elementary schools. Please join us!

This is one of the most rewarding ways you can volunteer with PAWS. We are looking for more people to work in teams of 2, giving a 1/2 hour presentation one day a week. Yep, that's it - a 1/2 hour reading stories and having fun educating kids about animal compassion, care, responsibility and safety. Contact us to observe one of our next presentations and see what it is all about!

Or if you love working with kids and have a few hours once a month, come join us for Kids Night Out! Parents can drop off their kids for a night out and we entertain them with games, crafts, and pet related presentation and animal themed movie. Our next KNO (Kids Night Out) is Friday, February 29th and we are still looking for volunteers. Contact Melissa Simms at to help out!

PAWS wishes to thank ALL its volunteers: past, present and future! Don't delay, volunteer and contribute today!

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