Sunday, September 2, 2007

Homes for the Homeless

Do you have room in your house and heart for these two little ladies?

This booine pup we have nicknamed Gidget, was "adopted" by a mother dog we are fostering. After we found homes for her litter of six puppies...this little lady showed up and was treated like one of her own. We are guessing her to be about 10-12 weeks old. She has the most interesting floppy EARS which change with her mood. She is personality plus and loves belly rubs, being held and petted. Gets along with other dogs and cats, and is well socialized.

For more information call Rose at # 285-0408 or via email

Or, how about this little lady?

Every so often, a special little creature comes along that really stands out from the rest. Such is the case with Maya, the pup found in the Payless Store parking lot a few weeks ago. Without a hair on her body, she cheerfully jogged up to every person in the parking lot asking for help. Never before have I seen such a carefree and loving personality come from an abandoned boonie dog. Maya loves everyone, and thinks that everyone loves her. Given a few minutes in her company, I guarantee you'll prove her right. She is irresistibly loving. She is also strangely smart.

To date, Maya has been to see Dr. dela Cruz twice. She has received two shots for mange condition, a de-worming shot, and a parvo shot. Hair has already started to grow back all over her body and the mange is no longer contagious. She does require one more shot on the September 11th, and then she should be good to go.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting this special little being, please contact Melissa Simms at 234-1253 or Katie at 256-0243 or

Okay, okay - we know she's not as cute at Gidget YET - but cut the little gal a break! Besides, judging from her personality, she has no idea that looks matter to some.