Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Looking for a Dog? We have a few recommendations.

PAWS is currently looking for responsible homes for numerous dogs and puppies . If you someone you know is interested in adopting a dog, and can provide a safe and loving home for a pet, please contact the individuals listed below.

1. Two loving puppies: Two energetic and playful male puppies need loving homes. One is pure black and the other one is light brown. Both have been treated for mange and worms. They have been given their first vaccination and are on Revolution, a topical medication that prevents heartworm and repels ticks and fleas.

These two puppies are very energetic, and like to play with each other, other dogs, and people.

If you are interested in adopting these cute puppies, please contact El at 236-2997 (work), 484-1941 (cell), or by email at

2. Owner of three dogs seeks home for all three – together or separate: Robert Churney, the owner of three loved dogs is moving back to the mainland and unfortunately, he cannot afford to take his three dogs. Therefore, he is seeking a loving and responsible home for all three of his dogs, Marcus, Obi, and Lady, either separately or together.

If you are interested in adopting one, two, or all three of Robert’s dogs, please contact him at 256-0307 or at

Marcus: He is one (1) year of age, weighs twenty-five (25) pounds, is very strong and healthy, and has all of his vaccination shots.

He is a dutiful watchdog, but also very friendly and affectionate with his family. Marcus is athletic. He particularly enjoys running, walks, swimming, and trips to the beach.

He is incredibly handsome – monotone brown coat, which is beautiful, and great eyes.

He has been a good companion and friend, and he will be greatly missed.

Obi: He's six (6) months old, sixteen (16) pounds, very strong and healthy, and had all of his shots. Obi is very friendly and affectionate.

He is absolutely beautiful, with a nice face and body marking, pointed ears and a good coat. Obi has a melodious bark and he likes to vocalize when he has something to tell you.

Obi has been a wonderful puppy and companion. He too will be greatly missed.

Lady: Lady was found while on a walk up to Forbidden Island in Kagman III. She was in a clump of bushes next to a black trash bag of dead puppies. She is believed to have clawed her way out of the bag and survived.

Lady was seriously malnourished and had no hair due to mange and a bacterial infection. Judging from the decomposition of her dead siblings, she had been there several days and nights and was hungry, thirsty and frightened. Robert said, “I really don’t know how she survived, but she really had a will to live. I brought her home, cleaned and fed her, gave her a few antibiotics I had left over from my other dogs, and also gave her some dog vitamins. She had badly bowed front legs, probably from vitamin deficiency, so I fed her some vegetables with her food and bandaged her legs around the knee to provide support and prompt healing.”

Today, Lady’s legs are straight and sturdy. She also has plenty of puppy energy. It is important to note that Lady is currently receiving mange treatment through the DLNR Clinic. She has another treatment or two to go, but appears to be in good health otherwise. Robert firmly believes that with a little love and care, Lady will grow into a big and beautiful female dog with lovely red hair.

3. Sweet Momma Dog: This sweet female dog needs a good home. She was abandon in her rescuer’s neighborhood about a year ago. She's very gentle, good with children and other dogs.

She's sweet and playful and needs some love. If you are interested, please contact Nicolette at

If the dog or puppy you saw in this article is no longer available, please contact Katie Busenkell at 256-0243 or at PAWS is constantly receiving requests for help in finding loving and responsible homes for animals, so we can help you find that perfect pet for your family.

Also, PAWS would like to take this opportunity to remind you that we are here to help you find a pet or find a home. Please, be a responsible pet owner. Do not dump or “throw” unwanted animals. Dumping unwanted animals leads to the animal suffering, and it negatively affects our property values, tourist industry, public health and public safety.

If you or someone you know needs help with an unwanted animal, or is seeking information on responsible pet ownership, please visit the PAWS website at, our blogsite at, or contact Katie Busenkell at

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