Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beautify CNMI! and PAWS Pet Show!

Sorry for the delay in posting the results of The Best of the Worst Dog Show and for posting these photographs. It's been a busy couple of weeks!

It was a great show! We had nearly thirty (30) dogs enrolled in the show, and over 100 people show up to watch!

Here is a summary of the results:

The Fattest:
1. Toy Package - Marcia Schultz’s Coco (Boonie)
2. Dog Food - Bree Reynold’s Ginger (Boonie)
3. Collar, leash, squeaky - Loida Brun’s Ruby (Retriever)

The Most Uneven Ears:
1. Frontline for a large sized dog - James Kendall’s Puppy (Boonie)
2. Dog Food - Melissa Simm’s Scarlet (Boonie)
3. Collar, de-wormer - Joe Przyuski’s Holmes (Boonie)

Best Low Rider:
1. Frontline for a medium sized dog - Rose Callier’s Wyatt (Corgi)
2. Dog Food - Pat Taylor’s Niko (Pug)
3. Collar, shampoo - Chailang Palacios’ Sparky (Maltese)

The Most Disobedient: 1. Vaccination Certificate, box of dog bones, and jerky treats - Sarah Helbert’s Phoebe (Boonie)
2. Dog food - Robert Jones’ Kimo (Retriever)
3. Collar, leash, rawhide chews - Joanne Guerrero’s Fifi (Chichuachua)

The Booniest:
1. Vaccination Certificate, flea/tick collar - James Kendall’s Puppy (Boonie)
2. Dog food - Melissa Simm’s Scarlett (Boonie)
3. Collar, vitamins - James Kendall’s Hunter (Boonie)

The Silliest Pure Breed:
1. Vaccination Certificate, flea/tick collar - Sherina Llagas’s Mika (Maltese Mix)
2. Dog food - Svetlana Atalig’s Butcher (Bulldog)
3. Collar, ear-mite treatment - Kim Young Cheon’s Sam Zig (unknown)

Best of Show: 1. Advantage - Svetlana Atalig’s Butcher (Bulldog)
2. Purina Dog Food - Sherina Llagas’s Mika (Maltese Mix)
3. Anti-itch spray, shampoo, brush, and collar - Marcia Schultz’s Coco (Boonie)

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